Le palmarès Angoulême 2015 – Benefits of Cruising

Cruises are fun, rejuvenating, and experiences that the young and old alike will remember for the rest of their lives. Some people are on the fence about going on a cruise because it’s a different of vacationing, to confining or they are told when they have to eat.

After almost a couple decades of cruising, I’m going to let you in on (what I think are) the hidden benefits of cruising. Benefits only real cruise addicts know. Check out what premium deals does sag harbor boat rentals offer.

1. Minimal Travel
Cruises are an easy travel method for those who want to make their trips less of a hassle, and more relaxation. It’s a great way to travel to the various destinations around the world. Unless you enjoy spending hours in an airport or the car.

2. Gateway to the World
Going on a cruise is not just a great way to relax, it is also an exciting to doorway to see the world!

Many cruise lines now have destinations reaching as far as China, Australia and new ports in the Caribbean. Going on a cruise is a great way to visit places you’ve never been to, or experience old favorites with a new twist.

3. Non-stop Entertainment
Sometimes, finding something to do on vacation can be trouble. Some believe that entertainment is a vacation. If this is the case, cruises also have an amazing array of activities.

Carnival Cruise Line has Fun Ship 2.0, with a ton of new entertainment venues and shows added. Norwegian Cruise Line has Broadway and cirque shows at sea. Even Royal Caribbean’s new Quantum class ships have features like bumper cars, indoor skydiving, classic shows and robotic bartenders!

4. No Schedules
There is no planning required on a cruise. If you want to relax, you can relax. If you want to play, you can play! Many cruises today have so many options that it’s almost overwhelming.

Some cruise lines make suggestions of activities, gatherings, and shows, but you’re left with the decision to partake in the fun, or continue with your relaxing.

There is really no planning required on a cruise. It is as “do as you please” as it gets.

5. Holds Value
Most people worry that going on a cruise will devastate their wallet. Although cruises are not cheap at first, adding up the cost of a regular vacation – it may open your eyes.

Say you’re taking a road trip to Alaska from San Diego. The drive alone could cost you $200 dollars there and back. That’s $400 dollars. Not to mention the cost of hotels, souvenirs, and food.

All of these costs combined will show you that a cruise to Alaska, with all of the benefits of not having to travel, not having to plan, and still being able to see the world actually either comes out less expensive, if not dead even.

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